Saturday, July 20, 2013

It must be the rainy season

We've been getting rain almost daily, sometimes it's just a brief shower, sometimes it rains gently for awhile and sometimes we have thunderstorms.  Everything is green and pretty!  Does make using our new grill a problem because neither one of us wants to stand out in the rain to cook!

Jim has been off this week and he's been working on the wheel well.  Back when we had a blowout it got messed up so he has been working each morning with fiberglass and smelly stuff to fix it.  I don't think he wants to do it again....

We got the new shocks for the truck, now he needs to find a garage that will install them ...

Woke up during the night, couple of nights ago and noticed our big air conditioner was not coming would try then cut out.  So I turned it off and when we tried it after breakfast it still wasn't working right.  Called out a repairman and he came same day...he couldn't find what was wrong, but he fixed it!  Could have done without the expense.

This guy hangs around all the time

We had lunch at Corky Bell's yesterday...sure love the food there.  Of course we talked about a lot of things but the most important thing was Jim telling me we're leaving here March 15th!
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