Wednesday, January 25, 2012

not much going on

Our day to day life is pretty routine when we sit still.  And when one day runs into another there isn't much to write about.  Jim finished his 5 day rotation on Monday and that evening we had a dance to attend.  It's an annual thing, 50-60's dance.  Jim always wants to go.  There are a group of friends who like to change it up and dress according to a theme.  This year it was themed to the song 'A white sports coat and a pink carnation'.  I must admit they all looked pretty spiffy.  It looked like everyone was heading to the prom

Jim and I were the chaperone's for this group and we kept them in line all evening!  No smoking, no necking in the corners and definitively no drinking!  LOL

Today is my friend Anne's birthday and we have plans to have a fine meal at Hayashi's.  It's Anne's favorite restaurant and what better way to celebrate?  At last count there will be 19 of us taking up two hibachi tables with two chefs.  I should be interesting!