Friday, January 14, 2011

Ain't no sunshine, it must be winter!

Four days without sunshine and the solar lights just don't work! It was warmer today getting into the mid 50 range after three days of 30-40 degree temperatures. I think we still have a couple more days of yucky weather.

I thought I'd share some pictures of the Christmas Cactus.....

this was taken today
this was taken a few days ago before 'winter' arrived

first day a bloom opened
This is about the only thing that is doing well from the garden. I pulled up the cucumbers and squashes. Many things contributed to their demise, wind mostly, but I also think they needed bigger containers.
For dinner tonight I made up my own concoction. Browned some chicken then sauteed onions, celery and garlic. Then I added some zucchini and mushrooms. After these all cooked for a bit I added a can of diced tomatoes, a can of red beans (drained) and a can of broth. Seasoned it with Italian Seasoning and simmered for about 20 minuets. Served in a bowl over tri-colored spiral pasta. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself!
The past few days we've managed to entertain ourselves with shopping, dining out and seeing a movie. We've also spent a lot of time sitting around playing games on our computers and reading. But mostly we've been trying to stay warm! Our fireplace and space heater have been kept busy, I even turned on the furnace this morning.
Along with the colder temperatures we've had no sun for days and we have been lucky enough to even have some rain......
I read somewhere that 49 of the fifty states had snow! I'm thinking Florida was the only snowless state. I sure am glad we aren't in any of those other states. South Texas is cold enough and we come here for the warmth.
Winter for a week is quite enough!