About Us

We are both Navy Veterans...that's how we met, in 1974 while stationed in Jacksonville at Cecil Field and I must say it was a whirlwind courtship.  We started dating in May and by August we were married.  Most folks said it would never last.  We've been together all these years!  

We've spent time in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and Scotland while Jim finished his career in the Navy.  When we retired from the Navy, we moved to New Orleans, where we lived for over 20 years as he pursued another career working on the Mississippi River.  

We had dreamed of selling the house and RV'ing and when Hurricane Katrina hit we started living in our RV. The storm did damage to the house and it took another year before Jim retired from his job. At the time we were driving back and forth between Baton Rouge where he worked and New Orleans, where the house was, trying to do repairs.

After he retired we continued repairing and getting rid of our household items.  Eventually we just chucked it after the repairs were done and listed it, giving the Realtor power of attorney and hit the road.  Once the house sold we were truly 'gypsies of the road'.

So far, we still love this lifestyle and have no plans to settle down anywhere.  Every now and then we sit for a few months but mostly we travel.

After Jim's quadruple bypasses in September 2014 our traveling was limited.  We left Vermont in late October and drove almost non stop until we reached Lake City, Florida where our daughter Sonsearae and her husband Chris allowed us to park in their yard so Jim could recover.  Within a month of arriving we moved to south Florida because Chris got a promotion to Warden and we've been stationary for over a year.

Spring 2016 and once again we're traveling.  Chris was promoted yet again and he and Sonsearae returned to Tallahassee and we moved to a local campground to await warmer temperatures in the north.  We'll be meandering towards Vermont where we'll spend the summer with our friends Anne and Scotty.