Friday, September 17, 2021

It's Quite Nice Here

 We made it!  I sure am glad it was a short trip.  It definitely wore us out.  A week prior to the move Jim was quite busy getting the rig ready for the move.  Washing it, taking down the weather station, airing tires, pulling up the mat etc etc etc.  Inside was my job and while none of this is difficult and we remembered what we had to do, it was tiresome!  

I'd like to say we slept well but no....I for one kept thinking of things I needed to do as I'm sure Jim did.  And he doesn't sleep well most of the time.  Speaking of that, his Cpap appointment was cancelled due to lack of machines.  They'll call.

Boo managed to rest on the 40 minute drive.  He usually spends the time in Jim's lap and he's anxious.  But not this time

We are in site 8 for now.  It's reserved for February.  We do have a place to move to should we decide to stay (yes please!)
No one in this site so we can see the pond. I did see a fish jump and there is a duck decoy
The view out our back window is a tree lined golf course.  Golfers are really odd.  Rained Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but they didn't care, some played through others carted themselves back to the office to wait out the heavier rains

Our first day here I spotted this little guy but the picture I shot through the rainy view from the window wasn't the best.  Managed to get this one today.  Not pure white as there are dark patches centered down his head and back.  No matter, he's pretty!

No cards...been busy and tired....

All is right in our world

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