Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I Didn't Forget!

Once again we're enjoying winter weather, though not as cold.  Cloudy days and nights have brought us rain.  A shower here a drizzle there.  Of course the dampness makes it feel colder.  

On Friday we went to lunch at Antlers.  They have daily specials and our lunch cost leass than $15 with tip!  love it.  Then on Saturday, I think, Sara Jane and Jerry called and wanted to take us to Wine 101.  Had a lovely time sharing a charcuterie board and pizza while drinking adult beverages.

Here is the picture of our new tires!  Between rain and dirty tires it took me awhile to get a decent picture

Jim has chosen today to sleep in.  He got up at 0800 to turn off his alarm and went back to bed.  It's a quarter to 10 as I type this.  Of course he's not missing anything as it's gloomy outside.  I'm watching the birds.  And Boo is snoozing in his bed.

All is right in our world

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