Saturday, July 13, 2019


Friday around here is bed day.  I stripped the bed and washed the sheets then put them back on the bed.  Not a difficult chore, but king size sheets in an apartment size washer just twist themselves into knots.  So I do one at a time.  I also wash in hot water so it’s a delicate balance between dishes and bedding!  Since Boo is house trained I also wash pads in hot water each morning.  So it’s pads, then a load of clothing in cold water and I do dishes at this time.  Then I can start on the bedding.

Jim has been busy cleaning the air conditioning vents.  He put reusable filters in them to collect the dust.  They were really dusty!  While doing this he discovered quite a bit of dust so he spent some time dusting, especially higher spots.

Are you thinking about moving? Perhaps to another state?  Our friends Anne and Scotty are selling their land in Vermont.  Not only is the area lovely but they’ve also built on it.  But rather than tell you about it, check out the listing and see what they’ve done in Fair Haven, Vermont.  We have visited them and for a fact I can tell you the views are stunning especially in autumn.  While we haven’t seen the whole state, the areas we visited are beautiful, with interesting things to do.

Another triple digit day here.  Last time I looked it was 102 degrees at 5 pm.  Air conditioners are working hard to keep us comfortable.  When we have heat like this I water the plants twice a day if they need it.  I have two plumerias, a tomato and three smaller pots with flowers.

Wednesday we went to a puppet show!  It was held at the library and from what we saw most everyone enjoyed The Ugly Duckling performed by The Magic Theater.  There were three principle players and one man on the production side.

This young lady played the ugly duckling.  An interesting note is that they interspersed Spanish into the dialog

We ended our day with Foyles War and a Murdoch Mystery.  Both  courtesy of the library.  Do you utilize your local library?  You should check it out.  There's a whole world of possibilities to be gained by making a visit

All is right in our world

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